Xion Audio Player

Xion Audio Player 1.5.150

High fidelity and customizable audio player

Xion is a high fidelity, deliciously sweet, out of this world audio player. Xion features a new standard in skin support. Baffled by script syntax? Pulling your hair out over slicing up skin elements? Crying over spilt milk? Xion has arrived and it brings style, candy and sanity back to your desktop.


  • Full layered skins
  • Complete animation support
  • Powerful playlist support
  • Gapless playback
  • 10 band equalizer with presets
  • Sanity reclaimer
  • Customizable global hotkeys
  • Auto play and position saver
  • Single click play/pause
  • Candy sweetner

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Xion Audio Player


Xion Audio Player 1.5.150

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